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Harmar's state of the art production facility provides quality brick products for two distinct markets. Harmar's fireclay and shale through the body colors are ideal for architects and designer's institutional, retail, office, and warehouse projects. These products are available in a wide assortment of sizes including modular, oversize, econo, utility, norman, and norwegian. Harmar's fireclay brick styles have been specifically developed to complement each other and allow architects and specifiers to use different colors and sizes to meet the needs of their design.

The Harmar plant also produces a full range of sand coated brick that are used on both commercial and residential projects. The sand coated products are also available in a full range of sizes including modular, engineer, econo, utility, norman, and norwegian. In addition to a full range of sizes, the sand coated products are available in different textures including simulated tumbled, handcraft, rolled edge, and sand blast. This large variety offer homeowners and designers a choice of color and style to meet all ranges of architecture from modem to classic.

Harmar products are a favorite of brick masons because of their consistent size, ease of installation, and low waste factor. Harmar's on site clay and shale deposits provide the ideal ingredients for a high quality durable brick. This excellent brick making raw material also provide Harmar payers with a dense brick paver that can exceed 20,000 p.s.i.
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