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Build With Brick and Block. If you’re building a new home or garage, remodeling, landscaping, building landscape walls or installing a new patio, please visit Raymond Builders Supply.

Build With Brick and Block - The finest homes are built with the craftsmanship of a concrete block foundation. Each basement is custom built to fit the height and grade requirement of your unique building site. Block basements are more energy efficient, having twice the R value of solid concrete. They are level, square and straight. The true and level top course of a concrete block foundation provides a precise fit at the sill plate where precision counts. Block is strong and dependable. It has been the proven basement system in Northeast Ohio for generations. Don’t you want the highest quality home?

Brick exemplifies a tradition of quality. From the Egyptian pyramids to the construction of Rome, clay brick is one of the oldest and most durable building materials the world has ever seen. Brick is timeless, energy efficient, weather resistant and fireproof. Brick is virtually maintenance free and allows the homeowner to obtain lower insurance rates. Raymonds represents 16 brick manufacturers and has over 1 million brick in stock.

“Brick is forever. Combining it with other materials gives a room homey, warm, comfortable feel.”

Our office staff is here to assist you with any questions regarding your new home or project. Our skilled delivery personnel have the ability to place your material in the most convenient place possible at your job site.
Some projects require the participation of the materials supplier from the time blueprints are drafted, and in other instances only a physical inspection of the jobsite can identify the detailed requirements of the job.
Raymond Builders Supply is located 1.5 miles east of downtown Geneva on Rt. 20.

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